Commencement of Ideation

The Commencement of Ideation, also known as the inception of Astronism (although this term may refer to a wider series of events), and often shortened to the Commencement, was a pivotal event that occurred during the life of Cometan on 1st July 2013 at the age of fifteen that is now recorded as having been the initiation of Cometan’s incumbency, the beginning of his public life, his padroncy, and the critical event that ignited The Founding of Astronism.

The Commencement of Ideation itself involved Cometan having the initial idea for the concept of Astronism as a philosophy that would be attached to the fictional character of Jesse Millette. The Commencement of Ideation, as an event, is significant because it demonstrates the beginning of the thousands of intense ideations that Cometan was destined to experience in order to form and establish Astronism. As such, the Commencement of Ideation event prophesies the many ideations to come that will lead to Cometan’s ability to write the Omnidoxy founding text.

As the most significant event critical to the existence of Astronism, numerous art pieces have been and are continuing to be produced regarding this particular event from vastly different perspectives and interpretations, some taking on realistic styles while other highly elaborate and religious.


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