Ecstasy of the Spacefaring Future

The Ecstasy of the Spacefaring Future was a major incumbential event that occurred during the public life of Cometan, specifically as part of The Year of Prolifics, and is traditionally understood as having occurred in September 2018. This event is classified as one of the religious ecstasies of Cometan and is understood to have involved Cometan’s experience of reduced external awareness occupied by detailed visions of “ascent to the stars” as he is understood to have phrased it.

The contents of the visions as part of the Ecstasy of the Spacefaring Future are considered to have manifested themselves through Cometan’s creation of both the Spacefaring World franchise as well as various concepts, beliefs and prophecies in the Astronist philosophy and religion. The Ecstasy of the Spacefaring Future is also regarded as having been the inception of the following disciplines and branches: Astronist futurology, Astronist prophecy, Astronist future of religion, transanthropology, uniquitarianism, and the beginning of transcensionism (although transcensionism and the concept of transcension itself were not formally established until a later incumbential event).

The location of this ecstasy is given as the garden of Brooklands, Quaker Brook Lane in Hoghton which is where Cometan was living at the time with his grandparents and his older sister, Lucia. Cometan is understood to have ventured outside at night and there, experienced hours of ecstatic visions from these many aspects of Astronism came and from which he was about to write extensive amounts of the Omnidoxy. In Astronist art, the Ecstasy of the Spacefaring Future is variously interpreted, but usually consists of Cometan alongside visions of spacecraft leaving the Earth, or extensive civilisations on planets beyond the Earth.


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