Indrucy of the Philosopher

The Indrucy of the Philosopher was an incumbential event that occurred during the public life of Cometan, specifically towards the end of The Year of Expansion and has been traditionally ascribed as having occurred during June 2017. This event is classified as one of Cometan’s indrucies and is traditionally understood to have been the final fulfilment of Cometan’s philosophership after which he began to refer to himself as a philosopher and others began to refer to him as such also, hence it is given particular importance in the history of Astronism by the Astronist Institution.

Various ideations have been attributed to this indrucy, most notably including Cometan’s first concept of an Astronist philosophy of religion, Astronist ornamentation, instruments of study, as well as the first concepts of Astronist rendition.

In art, the Indrucy of the Philosopher event is depicted as having occurred either directly inside Brooklands, Quaker Brook Lane, the home of Cometan’s maternal grandparents, or in the adjacent park nearly Hatchwood Brook or Brindle St Joseph’s church, or as having occurred somewhere near to Hoghton Tower, and more rarely in the grounds of Hoghton Tower itself. Often, Hoghton Tower will be depicted in the background of the depiction. As such, this event’s location remains open to interpretation to the general vicinity of Hoghton.


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