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Timeline of Astronism

Timeline of Astronism

The purpose of this timeline is to give a detailed account of Astronism from the beginning of the 21st century to the present. Question marks ('?') on dates indicate approximate dates.

The Founding of Astronism (2013 CE - 2020 CE)

The Founding of Astronism is a designated period of seven years and the first period of Cometan's life to be annually documented. As is inferred by its title, it is during this time that Cometan's initial founding of the philosophy of Astronism and his sole authorship of the Omnidoxy occurred. This period stretches from Cometan's fifteenth birthday to year end of 2020 CE, at which time Cometan will be twenty-two years of age demonstrating a total of seven years for this first period in Cometanic chronology.

The Year of The Gift

The Year of The Gift pertains to the year of 2013 CE and was the affirmed year in which the founding of Astronism occurred by then-named Brandon Reece Taylor, who would later come to be known as Cometan. The creation of the fictional mystery detective named Jesse Millette also took place this year which necessarily preceded Cometan's undertaking of deeper topics for contemplation, including philosophy, theology, and politics.

The Year of Ignorance

In Cometanic chronology, The Year of Ignorance pertains to the year of 2014 CE and was the year proceeding the year in which Astronism was founded by Cometan, whom was still then named Brandon Reece Taylor. This year is named as such due to the relatively unproductive time that this demonstrated for Cometan, largely due to his immaturity as well as his concentration on developing his works of fiction involving The Five Millettarian Characters rather than focusing on the philosophy of Astronism, which was then still in a prototypic stage of development.

Despite this year being titled as one of ignorance, there is considerable literature written, and even by Cometan himself, that this year of literary development was a necessary precursor to that which proceeded it. The argument stands that if Cometan had not gained some experience with writing extensive literary works, this ability to create what would later be titled as the Omnidoxy would have been undermined.

The Year of Enlightenment

The third year since Cometanic chronology began is The Year of Enlightenment which refers to the year of 2015 CE which was the year in which then-named Brandon Reece Taylor began writing the founding treatise of the philosophy of Astronism. During this time, Cometan referred to what would later be renamed as the Omnidoxy to The Grand Centrality of The Philosophy of Millettism, which is still a title used presently as it pertains to the document which encompasses the Omnidoxy, The Millettarian Methodology, and other founding works, essays, and short pieces of writing.

From studying The Year of Enlightenment, we can see the development of the Omnidoxy itself, and it is from this year that the disciplines of omnidoxicology, omnimeneutics, and omnidoxical studies receive their origins. Also, it was during this time that Cometan's personal inspirations are confirmed to have restarted, albeit them remaining largely undeveloped in comparison to the later years when Cometan understood their significance and could expand them from singular ideas into a multitude of concepts and theories with different dimensions.

The Year of Expansion

It was during The Year of Expansion, which refers to the year of 2016 CE, that Cometan's personal inspirations began to expand rapidly, hence the title for this year in the chronology. Some of the most formative ideas of Astronism were created during this time, particularly those regarding the ethical traditions of the philosophy, some of the foundations to Astronic logic were made, and a large body of new terms began to form during this time.

The Year of Consolidation

The Year of Consolidation, which corresponds to the year of 2017 CE, refers to the year in which Cometan's personal inspirations mainly favoured non-philosophy topics that formed the basis of Millettarian culture which now currently surrounds and informs the identity of the philosophy of Astronism itself. Furthermore, it has been argued that Cometan's slight venture away from strictly philosophical disciplines during this time was necessary in order to formulate the idea of creating a wider culture for his philosophy to reside within. The developments that took place during this year later informed the cosmical theme of Astronism that would subsequently follow to form the identity of the philosophy as a whole. Newfound structured topics such as Millettarian literature, Millettarian symbology, Cosmic art, Cosmic philosophy and Millettarian ornamentation amongst others made their introductions during this year. However, towards the end of The Year of Consolidation, Cometan's attention strictly returned to the fields and disciplines of philosophy which would then dominate thereafter.

The Year of Prolifics

Arguably the most important year for the development of the philosophy of Astronism itself is The Year of Prolifics, which refers to the year of 2018 CE. It is during this year that Cometan experienced the most intensive phases of personal inspiration out of all the years of The Founding of Astronism period in Cometanic chronology. The personal inspirations received and attained by Cometan during this time were mostly in relation to topics concerning the philosophy of Astronism specifically rather than wider Millettic culture which distinguishes this year from the one prior.

Furthermore, and hence its title, it was during this year that Cometan's writing of the Omnidoxy became so intense and prolific that the then nineteen to twenty year old philosopher was able to write approximately half a million words to form a significant portion of the entire Omnidoxy. Over ten thousand terms were either newly created or redefined into a Millettic context during this year and it was also during this year that the identity of Astronism became clear to Cometan.

In addition, it was during the summer months of The Year of Prolifics that Cometan was inspired to uptake his mononymous and historical name which further defined and distinguished his philosophership and is wider authorial and public identity.

The Year of Completion

The Year of Completion is the name for the year in Cometanic chronology which relates to 2019 CE and it was during this year that the Omnidoxy's first draft was completed, hence the chosen title for this annual period. Despite the prolificity of personal inspirations slowing down somewhat during this year compared to the previous, it was during this time that many of the ideas first developed by Cometan in the year prior were returned to and developed further to create a more coherent philosophy, theology, eschatology, and soteriology for Astronism. As another dimension to the founding of Astronism that occurred during this year was how Cometan gained greater conviction is speaking about Astronism to others and openly publishing articles to inform the public of Astronism's existence and its key tenets.

The Year of Manifestation

The final year in the The Founding of Astronism period will be referred to as The Year of Manifestation which relates to the year 2020 CE.

The Establishment of Astronism (2021 CE - )

The Establishment of Astronism is a designated time period in the life of Cometan beginning in the year of 2021 and follows the philosopher during the years in which he worked towards the establishment of The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism and the development of Astronism as a recognised religion/philosophy.

The Year of Predissemination

The first year in The Establishment of Astronism period will be referred to as The Year of Predissemination.

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