In the realm of philosophy, Brandon Taylorian is mononymously known as Cometan, and is the first Millettic philosopher as well as the sole author of the million word-long Omnidoxy which founded the philosophy of Astronism. 

From the age of fifteen, and even more so from the age of seventeen, it had been Cometan's ultimate dream to respectfully and rightfully attain the title of philosopher as he considered that title to be a step beyond that of author. It was Cometan's ambition to reinvigorate the role and public identity of the philosopher whom he would work to become the new, young, refreshing embodiment of. At the time of Cometan's introduction to philosophy, he experienced disheartening insight which was that philosophy held little influence in common life, that the masses had no idea of what role a philosopher played in society, or even what philosophy was altogether.


After learning of the extent to which philosophy had held such a huge influence over society in Ancient Greece, China, and India as embodied by three most famous philosophers of all time Socrates, Confucius, and Buddha respectively, Cometan's ardent ambition to provide philosophy with an opportunity to return in a new way to achieve its former societal centrality lead to his development of the entire reascensionist philosophy and movement.

To learn more about Cometan's journey to achieve the title of philosopher and to become the founder of Astronism, click here.

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