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A Conversation with Cometan


A Conversation with Cometan is a video series that Cometan began during the COVID-19 pandemic to connect with like-minded individuals in the fields of space religion, space exploration, philosophy, religious studies, and freedom of religion or belief. The subsequent seasons of A Conversation of Cometan are created in order for audiences to glance into the dialogues Cometan has with his fellow human rights colleagues, philosophers, scholars and academics, and space exploration enthusiasts. The recordings of A Conversation with Cometan represent just a small portion of Cometan's overall dialogue on these topics so dear to Cometan's heart, identity and vocation.

Season 4


Cometan returns for the fourth season of his show A Conversation with Cometan featuring new guests, new ideas and of course, new conversations.


Some guests are returning from past seasons and there will be new faces too but the topics will remain focused on the wondrous subjects of religion, philosophy and space exploration in alignment with Cometan's Astronist vision​. Following a similar format to previous seasons that worked well, Cometan will deliver lectures mixed in with singular format episodes and our standard guest interviews.


Rejuvenated themes, colours and intro give Cometan the opportunity to show his creative side through production and editing. So get ready for Cometan to turn the conversation starward as he reveals more than ever before about his religion Astronism.

Season 4 of A Conversation with Cometan Poster.png

Official Poster for Season 4 of A Conversation with Cometan