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RoRB Index Terms of Use

" was created under the banner of The Religious Recognition Project to not only represent his doctoral research on human rights in an official capacity online but also to act as a springboard for future research in the field of RoRB and more broadly, its promotion as a branch of FoRB.

I hope that whatever information visitors wish to use that is produced by The Religious Recognition Project (including content from my doctoral thesis itself) that visitors treat the research with the dignity and respect it deserves which means avoiding the manipulation of its contents or any other means of misuse or distortion from its original intention which is the promotion and furtherance for human rights for all people.

The content of was always meant to be a universal, public and free resource meaning that anybody, whether you are a researcher, journalist or member of the public, you can use the content produced from The Religious Recognition Project in your own work as long as you do so responsibly and in the spirit of FoRB and human rights principles.

In essence, please use this site and its contents responsibly. Think before you write and edit before you publish. All the best and enjoy what and The Religious Recognition Project have to offer." – Cometan

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