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Cause for the Beatification of

Irene Mary Taylor


The Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor was officially launched on 16th October 2020, the fifth anniversary of Irene Mary's death. This launch is the official commencement of the campaign for the recognised of Irene Mary, grandmother of Cometan in the Roman Catholic Church.



Irene Mary Taylor (née Hardacre; born March 7, 1932 - October 16, 2015) was an English Traditionalist Roman Catholic, a catechist, and a Marian devotee best remembered today as the paternal grandmother of the philosopher and religious scholar, Cometan. Irene Mary lived a life that was unquestionably dedicated to the Church and her Catholic faith and it is the central premise of the Beatification Cause to achieve her recognition in the Roman Catholic Church.

When not taking care of her children and grandchildren, Irene would spend her days and nights devoting herself to the Virgin Mary and a particular group of Catholic saints. However, it is Irene Mary's unwavering commitment to the Catholic Latin Rite and her exceptional spiritual insight and opinion that form the foundations of her venerability and her subsequent beatificity.

Since having the initial idea to begin the Cause for his grandmother's recognition in January 2020, Cometan has sought to understand why, by what rationale, and how might his grandmother have been worthy of recognition. Upon the launch of the Cause for Beatification on the fifth anniversary of Irene's death, Cometan has and continues to formulate a clear and structured justification for his grandmother's recognition in the Church. 

This Beatification Cause is not only based on a distinct and worthy individual's life story, but also on an unfettered love between a grandson and grandmother. This unbreakable bond of blood relation is driving the Cause for Irene Mary's beatification forward at a rate that is rare for other laypersons in Church history.

Official Website of the Cause for Beatification


See below the Official Depiction of Irene Mary and her grandson Cometan commissioned for the launch of the Beatification Cause. This unique work was illustrated by artist David Young.

Woman (with headdress) and boy artwork.j

The cause for the beatification of Irene Mary Taylor in the Roman Catholic Church is wholly supported by the Astronist Institution in alignment with Cometan's wishes concerning his grandmother's posthumous recognition in the church of her faith.

The Lost Shrine of Irene Mary.jpg

The Lost Shrine of Irene Mary


Period depicted: Summer 2007

Artist: David Young

Published: 7th December 2021

This intriguing illustration is set during the Summer of 2007 in the grounds of Irene Mary and Derrick Taylor's home at 222 Longmeanygate in Leyland, Lancashire, a unique house which Derrick built himself during the early 1960s. You can see the house in the distant background. In the foreground of the illustration, one sees depicted an enclosed garden of overhanging trees, flowers, a cobbled pathway and trellises. Indeed, your eye immediately turns to the two figures in the scene, the first is the devout old lady kneeling in what appears to be a small red shed filled with Catholic religious devotional cards, statues and ornaments. The lady's prayers are interrupted by a young boy who, after running from the field behind, appears at the door. This boy is a nine-year old Cometan who has come to greet his grandmother Irene Mary Taylor.

October Letter Cover.png

Exegetical book by Cometan

Out Now! Click to read!

A New Dawn for Traditionalist Catholicism.jpg

Brand new book of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor resources

Beatification Story of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor.png

The Beatification Story was released 22nd Sept 2022

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