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Irene Mary's October Letter: An Introduction to Irenianism

Irene Mary's October Letter: An Introduction to Irenianism is published by the Astronist Institution by way of its imprint Cometanica on 23rd December 2021. This work comprises the first entry in the book series Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor and comprises of Cometan's performance of an exegesis on a letter that his grandmother Irene Mary Taylor wrote in 1998 in which many ideas and concepts of Irene Mary's were introduced which have subsequently come to form the basis of Irenianism, the Traditionalist Catholic theological system established in her honour.​



In October 1998, Irene Mary Taylor penned a letter to the mother of Cometan, Louise J. Counsell regarding the baptism of Cometan. However, in the letter Irene Mary covers topics not just related to her grandson baptism but also regarding her Catholic faith. The letter has come to form the basis of Cometan's understanding of the beliefs and teachings that his grandmother held so dear to which has come to influence the foundations of her Cause for Beatification and her recognition as a Traditionalist Catholic figure. In this work Irene Mary's October Letter: An Introduction to Irenianism, Cometan provides an exegesis to his grandmother's letter from twenty-three years prior in which the foundations of Irenian theology, or Irenianism, were established.

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