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The Discover Cometan centre consists of a variety of wiki-style articles covering terms, concepts, theories, and aspects to the person of Cometan developed as part of Cometanic philosophy, Astronist philosophy, and continually expanded since the beginning of the history of Astronism and of the public life of Cometan.


Cometanology is the discipline of Astronism dealing with the study of the personage of Cometan, his role in relation to Astronism, and his life works and achievements.

A – Z Terms

10 Maple Drive

Childhood home of Cometan

10 Maple Drive was one of the childhood homes of Cometan, owned by his mother, Louise Counsell.

160 Cop Lane

Teenage home of Cometan

222 Longmeanygate

Major childhood residence of Cometan

239 Station Road

Brief home of Cometan during childhood

6 New Street in Eccleston

Brief childhood home of Cometan

6 New Street in the village of Eccleston in Lancashire was a brief childhood home of Cometan following his residence at 239 Station Road in Bamber Bridge.


Process of making Cometan's name an adjective

Due to the mononymity of Cometan, his name was able to undergo adjectivisation whereby it could be used as an adjective.

Advocacies of Cometan

Cometan's role as an advocate

Cometanic advocacies encompasses the series of works of advocacy that Cometan publicly promoted and used his public figure and celebrity status to advance.

Annual Cometanic Photoshoot

Yearly photoshoot featuring Cometan

The Annual Cometanic Photoshoot is a photoshoot involving Cometan taking place on a yearly basis since 2018 when Cometan was nineteen years of age. This is understood as the minimal public relations commitment for Cometan as the photos are published worldwide through all Astronist and Astronism-affiliated publishers.

Annual life period

One year in the life of Cometan

An annual life period refers to a year in the life of Cometan as the basic unit of organisation in the chronology of Cometan's life. Each annual life period is provided with its own unique name, the first one of which was called The Year of The Gift which began on 1st July 2013 to coincide with Cometan's first revelation and ended on 30th June 2014.


Moral and principal opposite to Cometan and Astronism

A title ascribed to a person or other entity considered to be in opposition to the principles and religious convictions of Cometan as well as the beliefs and prophecies of Astronism.

Astronic adjectives

Collection of adjectives pertaining to religions and philosophies

Astronic adjectives are the terms coined by Cometan to relate to a specific group of religions or philosophies in a particular time period, examples of which include Astronic, Non-Astronic, Astronist, Pre-Astronist etc.

Astronic identity of Cometan

Cometan's identity described as Astronic

The Astronic identity of Cometan is Cometan's personal and public affiliation with the Astronic tradition as the organiser of that tradition of both religion and philosophy.

Birth of Cometan

The event of Cometan's birth on 1st July 1998

Cometan was born on Wednesday 1st July at 5:30pm in the old Sharoe Green Unit in the Fulwood borough of the City of Preston in the English county of Lancashire, United Kingdom.


Childhood and adolescent residence of Cometan

Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School

High school of Cometan

Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School is a mixed secondary school located in Bamber Bridge in the English county of Lancashire.

Cardinal Newman College

College that Cometan attended from 2014 to 2016

Cardinal Newman College is a Catholic sixth form college that Cometan attended from 2014 to 2016 following his attendance at high school and preceding his attendance at the University of Central Lancashire.

Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor

Campaign to have Cometan's grandmother beatified

The cause for Irene Mary Taylor to become beatified was begun not five years after he death in October 2015. It was initiated by her grandson Cometan on 18th February 2020.

Celebrity of Cometan

Public identity of Cometan as a celebrity figure

The celebrity of Cometan is the role and public identity of Cometan as a celebrity as well as the study of this. Cometan's celebrity has been defined by religion since he was fifteen years old when he began to found the organised philosophy of Astronism.

Celebrity of Cometan


Notion of Cometan's chosen destiny

The chosenness of Cometan is the notion or statement that Cometan held an intrinsic and unique destiny and ability to receive the revelations and to form the ideations that lead to The Founding of Astronism and that only he had been able to do that.


Name for Cometan's desktop computer

Cogenitor is the name given by Cometan to the desktop computer that he used during and following the era of The Founding of Astronism alongside his laptop, which he named the Primogenitor.

Cometan and materialism

Cometan's views on materialism

Cometan and philosophy

Cometan's views on philosophy

Cometan and religion

Cometan's views on religion

Cometan and space exploration

Cometan's views on space exploration

Cometan in Astronism

Astronist understanding of Cometan

Cometan's role in Astronism is that of the founder and First Padron.

Cometan in Astronist mythology

Cometan's role in Astronist mythology

Cometan in the Astronic tradition

Cometan's role in the Astronic tradition

Cometan in the Omnidoxy

Cometan's role in the Omnidoxy

Cometan the Contemplator

Principal title attributed to Cometan

Worldwide website of Cometan

Cometanic Age

First age in the history of Astronism

Cometanic Revival of Astronomical Religions

Title of the revival movement lead by Cometan

Cometanic affinity

The nations and peoples which Cometan is known to have shown particular affinity towards.

Cometanic culture

The culture that emerged from the works of Cometan

Cometanic designation

How Cometan is to be described

Cometanic discography

Cometan's body of musical and compositional works

Cometanic lecture

Type of lecture given by Cometan

Cometanic literature

Body of literature written by Cometan

Cometanic medicality

Medical history of Cometan

Cometanic ontology

Branch of study dealing with Cometan's nature of being

Cometanic pedagogy

Tradition of pedagogy developed by Cometan

Cometanic photography

Cometanic possession

Belief in Cometan's possession by a higher power

Cometanic self-referentiality

Instances in which Cometan refers to himself in his writings

Cometanic title

Category of colloquial name ascribed to Cometan

Cometanic trips

The foreign travel of Cometan

A list of the foreign travel arrangements of Cometan, especially those of significance to Astronism and its history.


The philosophy of Cometan

Cometanism is the philosophy formed by the amassment of the teachings, religious beliefs, and contributions of the Founder of Astronism, Cometan.


Title of a Cometanic son

In Astronism, Cometo, "boy of cosmos" is the title given to a son of a person ascribed with the title of Cometan.

Commencement of Ideation

Moment of the conception of Astronism

The event prescribed as the singular moment from which the initial concept for Astronism emerged and denoting the moment on which The Year of The Gift began, sparking the era of The Founding of Astronism.

Conspiracy theories about Cometan

Collection of conspiracies about Cometan

Listed here are a series of conspiracy theories known to have developed.


Title prescribed to a Cometanic daughter

Cosmi is the title attributed to the daughter of a person

Cosmic oracle

One of the titles of Cometan

Cosmicality of Cometan

Cometan's endeavour to astrosis

The lifetime spiritual and personal endeavour of Cometan concerned with the achievement of astrosis.


Title denoting Cometan's creative works

The creatorship of Cometan denotes the total lifetime creative works of Cometan in philosophy, the arts, and in other mediums and does particularly refer to Cometan's sole creation of the Omnidoxy.


The creator of a curriculum

A curricularist is a type of educator that focuses on devising curriculums either for one subject and subtopics or across different subjects; a curricularist does not necessarily need teaching experience, but instead a good understanding of what is best to be educated, in what order, and using what resources.

Dedication of Cometan

Major event in The Founding of Astronism

The Dedication of Cometan is an event that occurred in the life of Cometan on the day of his eighteenth birthday.

Depiction of Cometan

Tradition of Cometanic art

The tradition of depicting Cometan in various different art forms.

Derrick Taylor

Cometan's grandfather

Derrick Taylor was the paternal grandfather of Cometan and is referred to in the Astronist religion via the religious mononym of Pacosmeran. He married Irene Mary Taylor and is the father of Sean Frederick Taylor, Cometan's father.

Early Astronism

Period of Astronist history

Ecstasy of The Grand Cosmos

Ecstasy of the Spacefaring Future

Ecstasy of the Stars

Eight Year Reception


Unit of time in Astronist chronology

An era in an Astronist context is a period of time categorised according to a series of events taking place in the history and chronology of Astronism.



Prominent figure in Astronism

A prominent figure in Astronism, Heastward first came into contact with Cometan in April 2018 when Cometan visited Beijing, China.

Hilda Warbrick

Coportant figure in Astronism

Hilda Warbrick is the maternal grandmother of Cometan and is classified as a coportant figure in Astronism.

Historicity of Cometan

Historical verifiability of Cometan

The historicity of Cometan is the question of whether Cometan, as a personage, can be considered as a historical figure, thus igniting a debate within the discipline known as Cometanic ontology.


System of categorisation

In the context of cometanology and the Astronist Institution, the Hyperstructure refers to the system of categorisation applied to Cometan, his relatives, and his descendants regarding their role in and relationship to Astronism and the Institution.

Inception of the Omnidoxy

Event in the history of Astronism


Indrucy of the Philosopher

Event in the history of Astronism

Invocation of Cometan

Religious act of invoking Cometan

An invocation of Cometan is the act of thinking about the characteristics, life events, works and the wider cosmicality of Cometan in order to achieve mental superiority and to overcome an obstacle by using Cometan's identity as the central motivator.

Irene Mary Taylor

Paternal grandmother of Cometan

Irene Mary Taylor was the paternal grandmother of Cometan and is classified as a coportant figure within Astronism.

Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse

Jesse Millette book

Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse is a mystery fiction novel as the first instalment in The Original Jesse Millette Series written by Cometan, and is also the first published work depicting the characters of Jesse Millette, Ellena Chadwell, and Zara Litchford, who make up three of The Five Millettarian Characters.


Version of Cometan's name

Kometan is the spelling used for Cometan in Spanish, Japanese and German languages as well as in some other countries where the standard spelling either doesn't correspond or clashes with an already existent word.

List of Cometan's academic research interests

List of Cometan-related topics

List of articles relating to Cometan

Provided is a list of articles relating to Astronist views of Cometan.

List of Cometanic quotes

The quotes of Cometan

Quotes most well-known and popularly used that are attributed to the founder of Astronism, Cometan.

List of appellations and monikers for Cometan

Collection of titles for Cometan

List of books written by Cometan

Bibliography of Cometan

A list provided of all the literary works of Cometan

List of non-official visits of Cometan

Non-official travel of Cometan

This article provides a list of the non-official visits of Cometan to countries around the world, often referred to as Cometanic trips in contrast to the visits of Cometan to countries in an official Padronic capacity.