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The Discover Cometan centre consists of a variety of wiki-style articles covering terms, concepts, theories, and aspects to the person of Cometan developed as part of Cometanic philosophy, Astronist philosophy, and continually expanded since the beginning of the history of Astronism and of the public life of Cometan.


Bibliography of Cometan

Documenting the creative works of Cometan

This collection explores and documents the creative works of Cometan both in writing, music, and other mediums throughout his life.

Chronology of Cometan

The life events of Cometan documented

This collection includes a range of articles detailing the life events of Cometan and explores the categorisation of Cometan's life into different eras.

Cometanic lists

Cometanic ontology

Cometanic religiosity and philosophicality


Comparative Cometanology

Criticism of Cometan

Depiction of Cometan

Etymology of Cometan

Incumbency of Cometan

Life of Cometan

Outline of Cometan

Residences of Cometan