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History of Astronism


The history of Astronism concerns the Astronist religion, the Astrosa (community of Astronists), the Astroma (contributors to Astronism), the Astroxa (ever-expanding collection of beliefs of Astronism), and the affairs of The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism along with its various denominations and forms, from the early 21st century to the present. The study of the history of Astronism is classified as a dispositional discipline of Astronism alongside disciplines like Astronist theology and Astronist philosophy among others. There exists two branches of study in Astronist history including Figures of Astronism and Astronist historiography.

Astronism originated with the revelations and writings of Cometan which he solely compiled into the founding text of the religion known as the Omnidoxy. This took place in and around the city of Preston in the English county of Lancashire across a period of seven years collectively known as The Founding of Astronism beginning in 2013 CE when Cometan was fifteen years old.

According to tradition, Cometan began to experience an intensive series of revelations and ideations from the day of his fifteenth birthday about the nature of The Cosmos, the importance of humanity's future in and exploration of space, the role and identity of philosophy and philosophers, and the creation of a new religion constructed on new beliefs, forms of theology, and philosophical principles that would eventually develop to become Astronism.

Astronism is fundamentally structured on the notion that it is humanity's existential destiny to explore The Cosmos and that it is this endeavour alone that will lead to humanity's transcension which is considered the ultimate achievement to Astronists. Cometan was born in an era of religious diversification in the United Kingdom in which non-Christian religions and atheism grew in prominence after a dominantly Christian identity and history had reigned in the country for centuries. Cometan saw this complex shift in religious diversification paired with segments of the population declining in religious interest and adherence as the reason for many people's unhappiness, but he didn't necessarily see existing religions as holding the answers to people's concerns and their dissatisfaction with materialism.

After coming across philosophy and admiring its principles and structures as distinct from those of religion, Cometan saw the role of philosophy in society as undermined and considered the identity of philosophers mystified to the wider populous which he saw as an injustice as he considered philosophy as the future structure of people's beliefs.

The earliest followers of Astronism were members of Cometan's family, namely his girlfriend Cosma who played a practical part during the era known as The Founding of Astronism. However, due to the modern era during which Astronism was founded, the organised philosophy was made available and known to a global audience from its inception due to the use of websites, social media sites, and other marketing techniques which is why a prominent form of Astronism is known as Digital Astronism. This demonstrates the distinctive differences between the founding and establishment of Astronism from those of other religions due to the eras and regions they originated in. Astronism spread to its adherents initially through digital channels and by use of marketing techniques rather than through associations with colonialism and empires such as how Christianity and Islam spread, or through oral transmission as Buddhism was gradually disseminated.

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