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Astronism is an organised philosophy founded by Cometan in the treatise known as the Omnidoxy. Astronism is a faith with a solely astronomical theme and is cosmocentric and panentheistic in its beliefs and theology.

the religion of the stars

Free to use image obtained from Unsplash by Patrick Carr (link)

Astronism was founded on a long series of original beliefs, theories, and concepts about the role, destiny, and existential purpose of humanity and the undisputed centrality of The Cosmos to humanity's future progression.


Cometan took inspiration from the thousands of years of history that astronomy has played in the development of religions and formed Astronism. Astronism is therefore the ultimate culmination of millennia of astronomical religious influence manifested as a singular religion.

Image by Joshua Earle

Free to use image obtained from Unsplash by Joshua Earle (link)

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Astronism is principally based upon the idea that humanity is not currently fulfilling its intended purpose. Astronists believe that only with the progression of humanity's exploration of The Cosmos will humanity be existentially fulfilled.


Astronism upholds the notion that through space exploration, humanity will achieve unprecedented intellectual, physical, religious and mental heights; this is known as transcension.

Free to use image obtained from Unsplash by Arto Marttinen (link)

To gain a more in-depth understanding about the beliefs of Astronism, please visit the following page -

Alternatively, you may also visit the official website for the religion at the following link -

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