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The Genealogy of Cometan

Cometanic genealogy is a branch of Cometanic ancestry as part of Cometanology dealing with the genealogical roots of the person of Cometan, particularly focusing on the areas of the world that his ancestors emigrated from and the ethnicity percentages derived from studies in Cometan's DNA. Distinct from the study of Cometan's ancestors and relatives, Cometanic genealogy is primarily focused on the study of the ethnicity and genealogical origins of Cometan.

From data retrieved by way of DNA testing from MyHeritage DNA, Cometan was found to have the following ethnic background percentages: 

  • 56.2% English

  • 41.2% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh

  • 2.6% Greek and South Italian

This data means that Cometan is 97.4% North West European. From the data retrieved from, a total of 8,634 distant relatives of Cometan were discovered along with 2 extended family members. A large proportion of these matches (3,773) live in the United States, another 1,301 live in Great Britain and significant portions of matches came from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland. 

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