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Cause for the Beatification of Derrick Taylor

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The Cause for the Beatification of Derrick Taylor was officially launched on 20th October 2021. This launch is the official commencement of the campaign for the recognition of Derrick Taylor, the paternal grandfather of Cometan, in the Roman Catholic Church.



Derrick Taylor (born August 12, 1930 - November 26, 2011) was an English coal miner, gardener and milkman from Coppull, Lancashire who, despite being raised in the Church of England, felt from age seven an instinctual calling to the Catholic faith. Derrick Taylor's conversion to Catholicism officially commenced in September 1950 with help from his Catholic fiancée Irene Mary Taylor who introduced Derrick to Father Patrick McNally of St Mary's Church, Bamber Bridge.


Following the reforms introduced to the Latin Mass by the Second Vatican Council, Derrick Taylor entered a spiritual crisis that ultimately resulted in his experience of interior locution on at least two occasions. Derrick Taylor's experience of interior locution enriched his Catholic faith once more and solidified his faith in Christ and his allegiance to the Pope along the while continuing to attend Latin Mass until he died from ischemic heart disease in 2011.

Link to Derrick Taylor's 1995 interview Light a Candle for Me published in the Sceptre Bulletin.

See below the Official Depiction of Derrick Taylor commissioned as part of his Cause for Beatification. This unique work was illustrated by artist David Young and was published on 23rd March 2022.

The Locutions of Derrick Taylor (2022) by David Young.jpeg

The Cause for the Beatification of Derrick Taylor in the Roman Catholic Church is wholly supported by the Astronist Institution in alignment with Cometan's wishes concerning his grandfather's posthumous recognition in the church of his faith.

Catholic Conversion An Interview with Derrick Taylor.png

Exegetical book to be published in 2022

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The Derrick Taylor Collection

 Coming to

Beatification Story of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor.png

Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor's Beatification Story 2022

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