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The Hometown of Cometan


Cometan was born on 1st July 1998 in the City of Preston in the English county of Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Preston is the hub of the Lancashire county and was one of the main centres of the Industrial Revolution. Its skyline was once populated with factories and mills like so many other cities in the North West of England and now Preston is a vibrant city with a wealth of local and international culture, architecture, and different religious communities. 

Cometan lived in and around Preston for over twenty years of his life and most importantly, the pivotal years during The Founding of Astronism era all took place whilst Cometan was living in the suburbs of Preston and attending UCLan, the city's university. Through the Industrial Revolution, Preston and its people have been major contributors to why the world is the way it is today and now, with the founding of a new world religion having taken place in and around the city, Preston is surely to be remembered forevermore as a significant place with major historical importance.


Image distributed by Photography Lately. © 2020 Millettarian Photograohic Institute (link)

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