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Cometan, the Antiquarian

Cometanic antiquarianism


From being fifteen years old, Cometan has had a love for books but in more recent times, Cometan's bibliophilia has directed specifically towards antique and rare books which he has begun to collect as a reflection of his scholarly interests in astronomy and theology in particular.

If you would like to contact Cometan directly regarding his antiquarian interests and career, please send an email to the following address:

Special interest areas of Cometan


  • Astrology and astrotheology

  • Works of space exploration and science fiction of the 19th century

  • History of Preston and Lancashire

Cometan and his Golden Telescope

Showcase pieces of Cometan

The following is a list of rare books that Cometan currently possesses as part of his growing collection:

  • First edition of "Skyward and Earthward"

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