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The Advocacy of Cometan


Cometan has assumed a number of different roles as part of his public life and professional career from the age of fifteen and one major aspect of his identity is his role as an advocate for a number of different causes ranging from the political and the social to the religious and the philosophical. Cometan's role as an advocate is as varied as the roles and identities he has undertaken. His advocacies are demonstrative of his particular interests in a number of areas; what Cometan advocates for is directly reflective of his passions and beliefs. It has always been important and forever remain so that Cometan only advocates for issues and areas that he feels personally passionate about in order to ensure the sincerity of his advocacy works.

Cometanic advocacies are divided into four major groups including social, political, educational, and religious advocacies, specifically including:

Educational advocacies:

  • Anti-privatisation

  • Humanities education

  • Religious education

Political advocacies:

  • Armenian Genocide recognition

Religious and philosophic advocacies:

  • End to religious persecution

  • Freedom of religion

Social advocacies:

  • Bullying​​​

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