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Journal of Astronist Studies

Introducing the Journal of Astronist Studies


The Journal of Astronist Studies, colloquially known as the Astronist Journal or Astronist Studies Journal, is an annual peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Astronist Institution. Its focus is on space religions and broader space philosophy with special attention given to analiptic religions (i.e. those movements that affirm the doctrine of transcension) like Astronism, Cosmism and Cosmodeism.

The aim of the Journal of Astronist Studies is to establish the study of space religion (i.e. Astronist studies) as a legitimate branch of the broader academic study of religion. Astronist studies is the study of the belief system of Astronism founded by Cometan but as a phrase is interpreted broadly by the Journal to include the study of all space religions and philosophies or movements that give a main focus to outer space and space exploration (i.e. cosmocentric).


A secondary aim of the Journal is to advance the scholarly discourse on space religions as a forum for academics from around the world to submit their research papers and book reviews. Only manuscripts rigorously edited and conforming to the Author Submission & Referencing Guidelines will be accepted for publication in the Journal to maintain a high academic standard from the outset.

Volumes of the Journal of Astronist Studies will be published once every two years and a new issue within the volume every year.

The present editor of the Journal is Cometan who is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Central Lancashire and the Founder of Astronism.

Click here for the latest Author Submission & Referencing Guidelines document.

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