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Cometan, by way of The Religious Recognition Project, has presented recognition of religion or belief (RoRB) as a branch of freedom of religion or belief (FoRB), but what does this mean and is this connection valid?

The phrase "freedom of religion or belief" and its related acronym FoRB are used to encompass not only the right to religious liberty but the academic study of topics related to this right. Within this phrase also is the study of violations of the right and how it relates to other fundamental human rights.

Cometan creates the phrase "recognition of religion or belief" to match the style of its predecessor and in a similar to the usage of FoRB, encompasses both the real-world occurrences of religious recognition as well as the study of this as a academic discipline. RoRB as a phrase also includes the body of theory relating to religious recognition.

RoRB is a branch of FoRB because the ways in which religions and belief identities are recognised has direct consequences for the efficacy of FoRB. Namely, if conditions for RoRB are in a bad state then this will symbiotically impact conditions of FoRB. This interconnection demonstrates how RoRB is indeed a branch of FoRB.

Official Cover for Cometan's PhD Research Proposal (Click on the cover to read it fully).

PhD Proposal Cover (Nov 2020).jpg

Even more recently Cometan has created the phrase "protection of religion or belief" with the acronym PoRB along this same style in reference to a state's mechanisms for physically and non-physically protecting religious groups and their right to both free religious practice and the recognition of their belief identities.


Indeed, in this sense, protection (PoRB) follows on from that of recognition (RoRB) which itself follows on from that of freedom (FoRB) itself.

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