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Family Members of Cometan

Cometan is blessed with having a large family featuring a total of seven siblings!

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Louise Counsell

Louise Counsell is Cometan's mother. Born in 1970, Louise is a hair salon and property owner with interests in fashion, psychology, and indie rock music.

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Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor is Cometan's father. Born in 1970, Sean is a vending machine business owner and married his wife, Nadine Taylor, in 2009. 

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Julian Counsell

Julian Counsell is the stepfather to Cometan and the husband of Louise Counsell. He attended Cometan's 21st birthday party.

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Nadine Taylor

Nadine Taylor is the stepmother of Cometan. She married Sean Taylor in 2009 and is the mother of Kieran, Kent, Zara, Jay, and Edie Taylorian.

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Lucia Natalie

Lucia Natalie is Cometan's only older sister. Born in 1989, Lucia completed a degree in Marketing and Advertising at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Kieran Taylorian

Kieran Taylorian is Cometan's oldest brother and was born in 2007. 

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Charlotte Sophia

Charlotte Sophia is one of the sisters of Cometan and was born in August of 2007.

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Kent Taylorian

Kent Taylorian is one of the younger brothers of Cometan and is the twin to Zara Taylorian who were both born in July 2008.

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Zara Taylorian

Zara Taylorian is Cometan's second youngest sister and the twin of Kent Taylorian. She was born on 17th July 2008.

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Jay Taylorian

Jay Taylorian is Cometan's youngest brother. Born in September 2009, Jay is the older brother of Edie Taylorian, and the younger brother of Kieran, Kent, and Zara.

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Edie Taylorian

Edie Taylorian is the youngest sibling of Cometan. She was born in February 2011 and is the younger sister of Kieran, Kent, Zara, and Jay Taylorian.

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Bill & Hilda Warbrick

William "Bill" and Hilda Warbrick are the maternal grandparents of Cometan. They remain close with their grandson and played a particularly important role in Cometan's education and during his adolescent years. 

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Derrick & Irene Mary Taylor

Derrick and Irene Mary Taylor were the paternal grandparents of Cometan. They remained close with their grandson, especially during his adolescent years. 

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