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Human Rights in Outer Space




A key specialty area for Cometan's scholarly research is the present and future situations for human rights in outer space (abbreviated to HROS; in short, space rights; or outer space rights; abbreviated to OSR). 

Central to this area is the application of the rights of human beings provided for on Earth to the context of space exploration, spacefaring activities, space tourism, and non-Earth planetary surfaces ranging from small-scale settlements to large-scale civilisations.

Some priorities for Cometan's work include:

  • To ensure provisions for all human rights are made now prior to mass expansion into outer space. 

  • To ensure that human rights provisions are applicable to interplanetary, other-planetary and exoplanetary environments.

  • To consider and outline human rights concerns potentially to unique to outer space and environments other than Earth.

  • To implement these rights provisions in a global convention to be adopted by all countries called The Convention on the Rights of the Person in Outer Space (CRPOS) as space-oriented extension to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Space rights as an area of human rights law is still in its nascent stage although the time is right to begin to present the questions that space rights poses to the broader public sphere as space exploration becomes a clearer reality for the human future. Cometan intends to work at the forefront of this area and to become an authority in the field. His principal goal is to ensure that we ensure that the same mistakes made in human rights provision in countries around the world are not made once again in the environment of outer space.

If you are interested in discussing space rights with Cometan or you wish to ask him a question, please send an email to this academic research address as Brandon Reece Taylorian:

Read and Download the full first draft of the Convention either by clicking here or on the Official Cover below

Official Cover of The Convention on the Rights of the Person in Outer Space.png

Official Cover of the Convention


Cometan during his 2021 Photoshoot. Taken 5th July.

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