RoRB Textbook

The Religious Recognition Project is excited to announce the upcoming publication of Cometan's first book in the field of human rights titled Recognition of Religion or Belief which will be released in 2022.

Published by the imprint Astral Publishing, as the title of the work suggests, it will primarily deal with the introduction and explication of RoRB, its present conditions around the world and how we might go about fixing those issues.

Inspired by Cometan's doctoral research, this book will act as a precursor to the publication of Cometan's doctoral thesis in 2023. The book will not take away from the thesis but will instead provide the necessary background information that the thesis alone could not encompass which is also the purpose of

Look out for announcements of this book Recognition of Religion or Belief being released in 2022 in all hardback, paperback and digital formats.

Official Cover for Recognition of Religion or Belief (set to be released in 2022).

Recognition of Religion or Belief.png

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