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The Space Religion Lecture

The Space Religion Lecture was a Cometanic lecture that took place on 2nd December 2020 virtually from Cometan's grandparents home in Hoghton called Hoghton. It was given to a cohort of Bachelor's Degree students studying Religious Education at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, Lancashire. This lecture saw Cometan explore the fundamentals of Astronism by introducing the emotion of astronality, beliefs like astrosis and cosmosis, and explain the prehistoric origins of the Astronic tradition, the tradition of religion to which Astronism belongs. Following on from this, a discussion took place regarding Astronist cosmology and theology, intertwined with a short comparison between Astronism and Islam. 

Content of the Space Religion Lecture, Both Video & Presentation © 2020 Astronist Institution

Keynote Presentation

Presentation of Astronism: a space religion by Cometan

Notable Image

Taken at Brooklands, Hoghton, shortly before the lecture and released afterwards by the Astronist Institution. Copyright of the Millettarian Photographic Institute as the 41st notable image of Cometan.

41. The Space Religion Lecture.jpg

Full Lecture

Given on 2nd December 2020

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