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Institutional emblem

Office of the Padron

The Office of the Padron is the highest official role within the Astronist Institution and is therefore representative of the most influential living person within the Astronist religion. This office was introduced, established, and authorised in the founding treatise of Astronism, the Omnidoxy solely written by Cometan, who was therein proclaimed First Padron. The Office of the Padron constitutes a significant proportion of the leadership structure of the Astronist Institution and it is the Padron of the Institution whom is considered the figurehead of the religion of Astronism. The Office of the Padron of the Astronist Institution is officially subject to The Governing Council whom ensure that the Astronist Institution operates in a state of correctitude according to its founding principles at all times.

Central to Cometan's office of Padronship are a variety of ceremonial and practical responsibilities, all of which are underpinned by both a series of principles regularly espoused and reorganised by The Governing Council and by official policies, codes, and statements enshrined in Institutional Law and applied by scholars known proprietologists. Cometan's padronship began with the initiation of The Founding of Astronism era on 1st July 2013 when he was just fifteen years of age. The term 'successorship' refers to the process and range of topics involving the transference of the Office of the Padron from Cometan to the person whom shall be named as the Second Padron.

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