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Cometanic philosophy


Cometanic philosophy is the tradition and life works of Cometan in the field of philosophy and all its branches. Cometanic philosophy is characterised by a wide range of contributions, all stemming from the writings, debates, and lectures of Cometan and categorised as a branch of Astronic philosophy.


Cometanic philosophy contributed in the most profound way through Cometan's founding and establishment of Astronism which is a religion that is infused with many principles, beliefs, and theories of Cometanic origin. Some of the most prominent ways in which Cometanic philosophy influenced Astronism was through the development of the cosmocentric worldview, which remains foundational the Astronist religious and philosophical identity. 

Cometan saw the world in a new way; a way that revolved around The Cosmos rather than revolving around The Earth, or humanity for that matter. This way of perceiving reality and existential purpose thereafter transcended into the development of an astrospirituality; one in which The Cosmos became integral to our religious and contemplative lives and inextricable from philosophical debates.

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