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Images, videos, and other media regarding Cometan and his Family Members are split by the Astronist Institution between two major content publishers; Cometanica and Photography Lately. Each have different areas of responsibility and focus on different aspects of Cometan's life, heritage and legacy. Cometanica and Photography Lately are publishers of content, while the legal copyright to that content is granted to one overarching organisation called the Millettarian Photographic Institute.

Essentially, Cometanica deals with the heritage of Cometan while

Photography Lately deals with the legacy of Cometan.

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Cometanica is a publisher of archival information, data, images, videos, and other media relating to the ancestry, genealogy, and pre-Astronist life of Cometan and is organised as a subsidiary of the wider Astronist publisher, Founded by Cometan during the period known as The Founding of Astronism, Cometanica grew out of Cometan's interest in genealogy and the collection of data and imagery that he committed himself to as part of the discovery of his genealogical history.


Tasked with preserving this information and media, Cometanica holds posssesses the responsibility of maintaining all archives both in their physical and digital forms and continues to work closely with the in-house photographic agency, Photography Lately, as well as with the copyright holder, Millettarian Photographic Institute in the preservation and distribution of Cometanic archival imagery.

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Photography Lately is a publisher of images, video, and media regarding Cometan and his Family Members, specifically post-The Founding of Astronism. That is, in contrast to Cometanica, Photography Lately only publishes content regarding Cometan and his Family Members after 1st July 2013 which is officially designated as the end of Cometan's childhood and the commencement of his public life.

Photography Lately is responsible for the publication of the most recent images, video and other media relating to Cometan. This includes closely liaising with Cometan's Social Media Team to ensure that all publication elements (both the images/videos themselves and their titles and descriptions are accurate and in alignment with the Cometan brand identity). Like Cometanica, Photography Lately runs its own image and video archive.

Please note that the below collections are no longer updated with new content.


For regularly updated content, please (if you are interested in the pre-Astronist years of Cometan) or (if you are interested in the post-Astronist years of Cometan).

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