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Scholarship of Cometan

The scholarship of Cometan refers to the body of academic works written for and under ownership of an academic institution that are attributable to Cometan. The scholarship of Cometan was initiated when Cometan began his bachelor's degree at the University of Central Lancashire at the age of eighteen. Cometanic scholarship developed further as Cometan entered his master's degree and P.h.D. courses at the University of Central Lancashire. The scholarship of Cometan also includes Cometan's verified contributions to Astronist scholarship which is the body of scholars and their works regarding some aspects of the Astronist religion or the Astronic tradition which was developed during the latter years of The Founding of Astronism era.

Scholarship specialties

Cometan's scholarship specialties are those areas of religious and philosophic scholarship in which Cometan either possesses considerable knowledge or are areas that he is currently undertaking research in. See the current list of Cometan's specialties in scholarship below:

  • Astronomy and religion (including all forms of astronomical religion)

  • Business and religion (including religious marketing, the commercialisation of religion, and the business of religion and new religious movements. 

  • Origins of religion and prehistoric religious practice

  • Metaphilosophy

  • Anthropology of religion, psychology of religion, evolutionary psychology of religion.

  • Digital religion and material religion

  • Desecularisation / Growth of religion

  • Demographics and sociology of religion 

  • Cosmontology (cosmic / space philosophy)

  • Philosophy of religion (including the definition of religion)

  • Freedom of religion around the world (history of, legality and its contemporary status)

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