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The Upbringing of Cometan

Due to the separation of his parents when he was young and how close Cometan became with his grandparents, Cometan spent the majority of his free weekends during his childhood not with his parents but with his cousins and his grandparents. 222 Longmeanygate would later be remembered by Cometan as the dominant place of his childhood upbringing and many memories of his childhood were centred on the events that took place there. 

222 Longmeanygate is a detached redbrick house on the outskirts of the town of Leyland in Lancashire, England. It was built by Cometan's grandfather, Derrick Taylor, for he and his wife, Irene Mary Taylor, and their ten children. The house served as the central hub of the entire family for decades until the death of Irene in 2015, after which house went into disrepair and a disputation over ownership occurred following the ambiguous last will and testament of Irene and how she did not share the ownership of the house equally amongst her children. 

The upbringing of Cometan at 222 Longmeanygate

222 Longmeanygate, 2019.

Upbringing at Longmeanygate

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The influence of religion

Not only did Irene intend for her grandson to learn about Catholicism and to memorise the Catechism, but she wished for Cometan to become a priest. She took him and his older cousin Thomas to different religious institutes throughout Lancashire and Manchester to visit religious sisters and priests in the hope that they would be inspired to lead a religious life. Although neither grandson demonstrated interest in wanting to undertake any form of religious life during their childhood, Irene continued to bring up her grandsons in the way she believed was right by Catholic standards. 

Cometan spent hours and hours out in the fields in the grounds of 222 Longmeanygate during the summer with his cousins playing and would spend countless other hours alone with his grandmother. Their bond was extremely close and strong and much of why Irene took Cometan on as one of her own can be put down to the fact that he came from a broken home and she was determined to fill that gap. However, her overbearing nature and deep devotion to her grandson's upbringing was eventually halted by Cometan's growth into his own identity. 

After confirming that he no longer wished to stay at his grandparents' home at the weekends by around age 12, Cometan's relationship with his grandmother was severely damaged and it would never be the same again. Although Cometan and his grandmother stayed in contact on a regular basis after some time apart, their relationship would never return to how it had been, particularly due to Irene's inability to accept that her grandson was growing up.

Irene Mary Taylor passed away on 16th October 2015 at 222 Longmeanygate aged 83. She had insisted that she would die at home and not in the hospital. Cometan never spoke to her about his ambitions to become an author and most crucially, he never told his grandmother of the intense revelations of a religious nature that he had been receiving for over two years by the time his grandmother died perhaps due to fears that she would reject Cometan's truth.


For the latter half of her life, Irene had dedicated herself to the precise practice of her faith, perhaps with the wish that she would have her own religious experiences, and although she wouldn't ever know of the global religious leader that her grandson would become, the religiosity that she so obviously had instilled within him lives on in newly manifesting ways that make her a key figure in the early life of Cometan and a pivotal figure for The Founding of Astronism to have occurred.

As mentioned, Cometan spent the majority of his free time as a child at 222 Longmeanygate with his grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. For around seven years of his childhood life, the main fixture in Cometan's week was the time he spent at his grandparents' home. This provided structure, stability, and a family life that had been very much fragmented by his parents' separation. 

Cometan's upbringing at 222 was entirely pivoted around religion, specifically Roman Catholicism. From her middle-age years, Cometan's grandmother, Irene, devoted much of her time and attention to the Church and the correct administering of Traditionalist Catholicism on her family members. Cometan was no exception in this. He attended Mass weekly, was not allowed non-religious books, films, or video games, and would be taught the catechism by his grandmother alongside his cousin, Thomas. It was his cousin Thomas with whom Cometan was the most close with during his entire childhood so much so that they were often mistaken as brothers. 

The interiors of the home were completely adorned by religious iconography with statues of Jesus and Mary throughout all the rooms, walls were covered in photos from each family member's holy communion, and the entire house was filled with religious relics, pictures, books, and other knick knacks that Irene had collected over the years. Most notable, Irene owned a golden-plated Bible and an old painting of The Last Supper. The house, and as a subsequence, Cometan's life outside his time at school were completely fixated around religion.

However, it has been confirmed by Cometan himself that during those years of his childhood, although religiosity was so potent around him, he didn't pay much attention to religion. He didn't serve in Mass as his older cousin Martin did and he didn't show any particular interest in religion and the beliefs that his grandmother was so ardently adhered to. But what changed to make Cometan into the religious leader we know him as today? Perhaps we will never know the true answer to what caused the spark that was lit within Cometan to form Astronism, to lead the revival and organisation of a prehistoric religious tradition, and to become an advocate for better religious education on a global level.

Brandon Taylorian and Grandmother, Irene

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