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Cometanic ontology

by Astronist Institution

DEC. 10, 2019

Cometan has lived in a number of properties in towns outside the city of Preston during the first twenty or so years of his life. These are collectively referred to as the Residences of Cometan.

After Cometan was born on Wednesday 1st July 1998 in the old Sharoe Green Unit of Royal Preston Hospital, he was brought home to 239 Station Road in Bamber Bridge. His mother and father, Louise Counsell and Sean Taylor, lived in the house together with Louise's daughter Lucia Natalie.   ​  The family of four moved to the town of Eccleston to Cometan's second place of residence, 6 New Street. However, the family did not reside there for long and due to financial strains, Cometan, his mother and his older sister moved to Cometan's maternal grandparents home, known as Brooklands for a time. Cometan would regularly return to live at Brooklands in the village of Hoghton during his teenage years due to a variety of practical reasons and it was certainly like a second home for him.   ​  In January 2001, Cometan, his mother, sister, and father all moved to their new home at 10 Maple Drive in Bamber Bridge; this would now be the home of Cometan for the following ten years throughout the rest of his childhood. It was only in 2012 that Cometan's residence changed again from 10 Maple Drive to 160 Cop Lane in Penwortham, a suburb closer to the City of Preston. This is the residence that Cometan made his dedication to a public life and it was while Cometan was living here that The Founding of Astronism era took place.  ​  During his teenage years, for reasons ranging from renovations taking place at 160 Cop Lane to being closer to his place of employment at Hoghton Tower, Cometan lived with his maternal grandparents at Brooklands. Another major residence of importance to the early life of Cometan was 222 Longmeanygate, the home and estate of his paternal grandparents, Irene Mary and Derrick Taylor. This was the residence that Cometan spent the majority of his free and leisure time at outside school during his childhood and his experiences there are considered to have held major influence over his later life.

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