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222 Longmeanygate

222 Longmeanygate

222 Longmeanygate is a large detached residence with an attached annexe sat in a three acre plot located on the outskirts of the town of Leyland in the English county of Lancashire.

222 was one of the major childhood homes of Cometan. The house was owned by Cometan's paternal grandparents, Derek and Irene Taylor. It was this house that Cometan spent the majority of his weekends in during his childhood.

Cometan's grandmother, Irene, was a devout Roman Catholic and decorated the entire house with religious icons. The grounds of the house featured a Mary garden which Irene and her grandchildren made.

It is considered that Cometan's deep interest in religion and philosophy stemmed from his grandmother's ardent religiosity. Cometan spent the majority of his time with his cousins and his grandmother and would recall many memories at 222 years later.

Death of Cometan's grandmother and dispute of probate

On the 16th October 2015, Irene Taylor died in the piano room of 222 Longmeanygate, but in the wake of her death, she left behind a will that was highly suspicious. The will stated that Irene had left the entirety of 222 Longmeanygate, its land, and the contents in the house to just one of her children and two of her grandchildren. This was particularly strange due to the fact that Irene had ten children and over thirty grandchildren.

After the will had been read, arguments erupted as to validity of the document and the family divided into factions with different opinions about who should receive the house, the land, and the house's contents.

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