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Adjectivisation is the process by which a person's name is made into and used as an adjective, often to refer to their creative works and achievements.


Adjectivisation is a term that Cometan coined post-omnidoxically to refer to the process in which Cometan's name was transformed into an adjective, namely Cometanic as well as the adverb Cometanically.

This type of adjectivisation process has occurred in relation to other historical figures, namely including the following figures:

  • Cometan (Cometanic)

  • Plato (Platonic)

  • Socrates (Socratic)

  • Pythagoras (Pythagorean)

  • Confucius (Confucian)

  • Aristotle (Aristotelian)

  • Immanuel Kant (Kantian)

  • Friedrich Nietzche (Nietzschean)

  • David Hume (Humean)

  • Ludwig Wittgenstein (Wittgensteinian)

  • Karl Marx (Marxian)

  • Baruch Spinoza (Spinozist)

  • John Locke (Lockean)

  • Thomas Hobbes (Hobbesian)

  • Søren Kierkegaard (Kierkegaardian)

  • Epicurus (Epicurean)

  • Michel Foucault (Foucauldian)

  • Francis Bacon (Baconian)

  • Augustine of Hippo (Augustinian)

  • Jeremy Bentham (Benthamite)

  • George Berkeley (Berkeleian)

  • Niccolò Machiavelli (Machiavellian)

  • Vladimir Lenin (Leninist)

  • Martin Luther (Lutheran)

  • Zoroaster (Zoroastrian)

  • Jesus Christ (Christian)

  • Gautama Buddha (Buddhist)

  • Abraham (Abrahamic)

  • Thomas Jefferson (Jeffersonian)

This adjectivisation is used in order to refer to the beliefs, writings, and teachings of these figures and the adjective Cometanic is used in this same way.

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