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Cometanic culture

Cometanic culture

Cometanic culture is a subset of Astronist culture which is itself a subset of Astronic culture. In particular, Cometanic culture is the form and tradition of cultural elements associated with, produced by, or otherwise depicting and involving the person of Cometan. Cometanic culture is considered the founding branch out of which wider Astronist culture emerged. 

Distinct from Astronist culture itself, Cometanic culture particularly emphasises the personage of Cometan as the Founder of Astronism and various other philosophies, ideologies and theories as well as his family and close associates during and throughout his lifetime rather than those whom did not have regular interaction with Cometan, but nevertheless remain part of Astronist culture.

As a term, Cometanic culture accumulates the entire body of Cometanic cultural contributions from art to architecture to philosophy, celebrity, fashion, and rendition. Cometanic culture is part of the Astronic cultural sphere which is the overarching cultural range stretching prehistorically in chronologically and worldwide geographically to encompass all forms of culture involving or depicting or somehow using astronomical phenomena to convey a message. 

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