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Hilda Warbrick

Hilda Warbrick

Hilda Warbrick (née Cottam) (August 29, 1937 – June 23, 2023), classified as a coportant figure within Astronism and known under the mononym Macosmera, was the maternal grandmother of Cometan. She married Bill Warbrick on 17th May 1958 and had her first daughter, Karen Warbrick, in 1966 and her second daughter, Louise Warbrick, in July 1970. Hilda died at her beloved home Brooklands on the morning of the 23rd June 2023 with her grandson Cometan and her husband William beside her.

Hilda Warbrick was born in late summer of 1937 to a poor family in the village of Higher Walton. Her mother died when Hilda was just four years old which she later accredited to her strength in character and tactful practicality having not had a mother to depend on. Her father passed away when she was twenty years old and from then on, she became even closer to her grandmother who had long outlived her own daughter.

Hilda grew up amongst her two brothers, Raymond and Kevin, during the years of the Second World War. She would later recount to her grandson, Cometan, about the time when the German air raids were in full force. She and her family had gone down to their basement for shelter and looking up through the grid onto the street above, she saw a bomb flying passed All Saints Church.

Karen Warbrick

Karen Elizabeth Warbrick (born September 17, 1966 - October 7, 1970) was the aunt of Cometan, the daughter to Bill and Hilda Warbrick and the sister of Louise Counsell. Karen died at the age of four due to an accidental death of drowning after falling into a pond near to the house of her parents.

Timeline of life

  • August 29, 1937: Hilda Warbrick is born Hilda Cottam in the village of Higher Walton on Darwin Street.

  • 1955: Hilda reports seeing a ghost while on her way home on a winter's night.

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