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Outline of Cometan

Outline of Cometan

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to the life and influence of Cometan:

Cometan –– founding figure of Astronism, whose surographical writings created the Omnidoxy, the world's longest religious text, and whose post-omnidoxical ideations and works lead to the formal establishment of Astronism. Astronism regards Cometan as the organiser of the wider Astronic tradition, as well as the deviser of Astronarianism and Cometanism.

Essence of Cometan

  • Religion
  • Religious founder
  • Cometanology
  • Personage of Cometan
  • Title of Cometan
  • Preternaturality of Cometan

Views of Cometan

Events in Cometan's life

Events in Cometan's life according to the Astronist Institution

  • Birth of Cometan

Ideations of Cometan

Philosophy of religion

Influence of Cometan

Family of Cometan

  • Genealogy of Cometan
  • Family members of Cometan
  • Ancestry of Cometan
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