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Recognition of religion or belief in Andorra

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB are classified restrictive in the Principality of Andorra.

Recognition of religion or belief in Andorra


  • The recognition system is misused in the country as it is skewed towards one denomination; opportunities for a lesser level of recognition in the form of registration as cultural organisations is extended to non-Catholic groups and denominations; therefore, recognition and registration are differentiated although only one denomination has access to the former while all other groups have the latter option only.

  • For a Western European country, Andorra’s approach to religious recognition is fairly restrictive. When considering Bielefeldt’s recommendations on the registration of religious activity, there are some inconsistencies, namely the fact that religions other than Catholicism haven’t the opportunity to gain the same status as Catholicism in the country’s legal framework.

  • No reports exist as to discrimination or abuse based on belief or practice.

  • A lack of provisions and the stagnation of negotiations for Muslims and Jews in terms of burial sites is to be monitored.

Positive elements:

  • There exists a structure for differentiation between recognition and registration.


  • Either disestablish the privileges of the Catholic Church or extend these privileges to all religious groups that seek them.

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