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The Pentadoxy

The Principles of Ambition & Enlightenment

by Cometan

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The Pentadoxy is a 45,000 word long philosophical disquisition that is organised as the fifth instalment of twelve disquisitions forming The Omnidoxy. The Omnidoxy is a philosophical treatise which singularly founded the philosophy of Astronism and was solely authored by the mononymous philosopher Cometan. 

The Pentadoxy is assigned with the inclusive discipline of xentology which encompasses the studies of both the nature of ambition and enlightenment. The Pentadoxy is preceded by The Tetradoxy and followed by The Hexadoxy and compared to the other disquisitions of The Omnidoxy, it is of medium length as it far trails behind both The Monodoxy and The Duodoxy in length yet exceeds both The Tridoxy and The Tetradoxy. 

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