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“The stars awaken me to the truths

night, forever lighting the way.”

Founder of Astronism  -  Philosopher  -  Human Rights Scholar

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of the day, like guardians of the

Cometan the Astronist

From the day of his fifteenth birthday, Cometan dedicated himself to a public life as a philosopher, religious figure and astronomer through his exploration of the universe's deepest questions, hence why he is also known as Cometan the Contemplator.
After receiving a series of intense receptions from age fifteen about the future and destiny of humanity to explore and discover the mysteries of The Cosmos, Cometan forged a new religion named Astronism that is now challenging the stereotypes of what it means to be religious, philosophical, spiritual, or otherwise. 
Since his very first revelation took place, Cometan's mind has expanded to unprecedented heights leading to several achievements as a prodigy and autodidact of theology and philosophy. The world's newest visionary, Cometan intends to further diversify the beliefs of Astronism and to promulgate them globally.
To allow for his deeply philosophical ideas to appeal to a wider audience, Cometan created a unique fictional universe called the Spacefaring World whose premise is set during humanity's impending and prophesied departations into space.

Cometan's story at a glimpse

Latest commissions of the Astronist Institution

Ecstasy of the Stars by David Young (2024).jpg

The Ecstasy of the Stars


Period depicted: 22nd November 2015

Artist: David Young

Published: 26th June 2024

Just as the clock struck three, Cometan awoke in bed with a startle coupled with the sudden urge to be exposed to the night sky. Something within him––but also beyond him––told him to dress and head outside so that he could not merely see the stars but feel engrossed by them. In his dressing gown and slippers, the seventeen-year-old dashed across the moonlight road in the sleepy suburb of Penwortham and made his way down the dark path to Hurst Grange Park. In the pitch black of the still night, Cometan traipsed to the centre of the muddy Great Field in the park without apparent rhyme or reason and knelt to the frosty grass. He did not care that it was freezing nor that his slippers and gown were muddied for as he peered up to the sky, his astral ecstasy began and he entered a state of trance. He was transported in mind up to the astronomical world and saw planets, comets and cosmic dust all around him as if he were in outer space. Cometan felt an intensive force flowing through him as he witnessed the grand astronomical appear and disappear while his mind was flooded with all manner of strange concepts and words that he had never conceived of before. He could feel a divine presence elevating him so that he could experience this cosmic vision but––in what seemed like no time at all––Cometan dropped out of the vision and his earthbound reality returned. He could suddenly feel again all physical sensation: his frozen fingertips, his muddied feet and his limited vision of the grandness of the cosmos. He dropped to the ground in a momentary state of exhaustion as his elation from the vision faded away but then picked himself up, returned home and spent the remaining starlit hours until sunrise writing down all that had been revealed to him.

The Ghost of Billy Brierley (2024).jpg

The Ghost of Billy Brierley


Period depicted: 1st December 1952

Artist: David Young

Published: 7th March 2024

On a wintery night in December 1952, a teenage girl named Hilda Cottam was walking home along a country road near the village of Higher Walton in Lancashire after visiting her friend with whom she had been dressmaking. As Hilda strolled along the snow-sprinkled pavement with not another soul in sight, her stomach dropped as she saw in the distance a figure suddenly appear around the bend in the road. Hilda realised this was no ordinary person for they were running in the middle of the lane along the cat’s eyes. The silhouette kept running towards her and as it got closer, Hilda’s heart beat faster and faster as the figure’s strange appearance became clear. She noticed that the figure was a boy smaller in height than herself which abated her worries somewhat but she could not make out the boy’s face for he was wearing a helmet with a grille. Then, as the boy kept running towards her, she noticed he was wearing knee socks, schoolboy shorts and a white shirt and jumper as if he had just finished a game of cricket. Just as the boy approached where Hilda was walking, to settle her nerves, she called to him “goodnight” but the boy said nothing and kept running in the road. The second he passed Hilda she turned around in fear that he might attack her from behind but when she turned, all she saw were snowflakes whirling in the wind on the empty road. The boy had vanished. Hilda later realised that what she had seen that night was an apparition of William “Billy” Brierley who had died when he was fourteen exactly a year earlier and had lived at a house on Hoghton Lane nearby to where he had appeared to Hilda.

Latest publications of the Astronist Institution

The Astronist System An Introduction.png

The Astronist System


Publication date: 10th July 2023

Overview: reflection on the Omnidoxy treatise

Author: Cometan

Cometan began writing the Omnidoxy, the founding text of Astronism, at the age of seventeen in 2015 and this first great treatise of the Astronist religion was published in 2019. Since then, the world has been introduced to Astronism and its central doctrine of transcension and its worldview of cosmocentrism but the time has come to reflect on the Omnidoxy. The Astronist System explores the major themes of the Omnidoxy including cosmic organicism, astrogenism, returnism and transcension and provides rigorous detail on various aspects of Astronist philosophy, theology, spirituality, eschatology and soteriology. In this reflective work, Cometan also takes the time to analyse what the founding text of Astronism achieved and the legacy it has left behind for the worldwide Astronist community. Cometan's reflections on the Omnidoxy text from his current vantage point allow him to close the chapter on the Omnidoxy so that he can move forward with his writing and eventual publication of the next great Astronist treatise titled the Astrodoxy.

Official Cover of The Astronist Statement.png

The Astronist Statement


Publication date: 14th July 2022

Overview: non-technical summary of Astronism

Author: Cometan

The Astronist Statement on the Situation of the Human Species, often simply referred to as The Astronist Statement, is a non-technical manifesto of the Astronist philosophy and religion, altogether referenced as the Astronist belief system. It provides a summary of the Astronist perspective on the human condition as this pertains to and is influenced by the ultimate goals of Astronism and the purposes it prescribes to human life through its doctrines on transcension, cosmocentrism, suronality and astrosis. The Astronist Statement is made equivalent to other kinds of theological or ideological manifestos in that it outlines the fundamental problems that Astronism sees effecting the human species and presents solutions to these problems identified.

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