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“The stars awaken me to the truths

night, forever lighting the way.”

Founder of Astronism  -  Philosopher  -  Human Rights Scholar

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of the day, like guardians of the

Ruminating on the

From the day of his fifteenth birthday, Cometan dedicated himself to a public life as a philosopher, religious figure and astronomer through his exploration of the universe's deepest questions, hence why he is also known as Cometan the Contemplator.
After receiving a series of intense receptions from age fifteen about the future and destiny of humanity to explore and discover the mysteries of The Cosmos, Cometan forged a new religion named Astronism that is now challenging the stereotypes of what it means to be religious, philosophical, spiritual, or otherwise. 
Since his very first revelation took place, Cometan's mind has expanded to unprecedented heights leading to several achievements as a prodigy and autodidact of theology and philosophy. The world's newest visionary, Cometan intends to further diversify the beliefs of Astronism and to promulgate them globally.
To allow for his deeply philosophical ideas to appeal to a wider audience, Cometan created a unique fictional universe called the Spacefaring World whose premise is set during humanity's impending and prophesied departations into space.

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Latest commission of the Astronist Institution

The Kindlement of Derrick Taylor.jpg

The Kindlement of Derrick Taylor


Period depicted: 1st July 1938

Artist: David Young

Published: 1st March 2023

On the Feast Day of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1938, a young boy named Derrick Taylor who was living in the mining town of Coppull, Lancashire, experienced a Catholic spiritual awakening that would change the course of his life. Derrick, seven years old at the time, entered his friend Stanley Eastham’s home in Coppull and in the corner of the hallway, saw for the very first time a representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus candlelit by votive lamps. Derrick walked over to the picture and touched the Sacred Heart, then instantly feeling inside an instinctual draw to the Catholic faith through the devotion. This moment of elation sparked Derrick’s journey of conversion to Catholicism at age 20 from his childhood religion Anglicanism. Now viewed as a metaphor for his conversion, Derrick asked his friend’s mother to light a candle for him to stand alongside that same picture of the Sacred Heart that had kindled his Catholicity. On that day, the Lord Jesus Christ guided the young boy Derrick to him through his Sacred Heart and it is to this same devotion that Derrick would return throughout his life to guide him through the many tribulations and sufferances he would necessarily endure. The Kindlement is the commencement of Derrick Taylor’s journey in the Catholic faith and embodies the first event of divine intervention in his life. As a result, Derrick’s deep connection to the Sacred Heart was established, a connection that would, some thirty-three years later, effectuate his first experience of divine locution.

Latest publications of the Astronist Institution

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The Astronist Statement


Publication date: 14th July 2022

Overview: non-technical summary of Astronism

Author: Cometan

The Astronist Statement on the Situation of the Human Species, often simply referred to as The Astronist Statement, is a non-technical manifesto of the Astronist philosophy and religion, altogether referenced as the Astronist belief system. It provides a summary of the Astronist perspective on the human condition as this pertains to and is influenced by the ultimate goals of Astronism and the purposes it prescribes to human life through its doctrines on transcension, cosmocentrism, suronality and astrosis. The Astronist Statement is made equivalent to other kinds of theological or ideological manifestos in that it outlines the fundamental problems that Astronism sees effecting the human species and presents solutions to these problems identified.

Cover of Astronism the religion of the stars.png

Astronism: the religion of the stars


Publication date: 23rd March 2022

Overview: technical outline of the Astronist religion

Author: Cometan

Astronism: the religion of the stars is a technical summary of the Astronist religion and philosophy that uses terminology unique to the Astronists and specialised knowledge of Astronist beliefs. It is the perfect brief introduction to Astronism for those with prior understanding of the academic disciplines of eschatology, soteriology, theology and philosophy as the Astronist view on all of these subject areas and more is provided. Astronism: the religion of the stars attempts to explain the narrative that underlies Astronist beliefs and presents a particular conception of how humans should not only lead their lives but also how we as an entire species should consider our collective future on planet Earth, and more importantly, all beyond.

Freedom of Religion Advisory

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