“The stars awaken me to the truths

night, forever lighting the way.”

Founder of Astronism  -  Philosopher  -  Human Rights Scholar

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of the day, like guardians of the


From the day of his fifteenth birthday, Cometan dedicated himself to a public life as a philosopher, religious figure and astronomer through his exploration of the universe's deepest questions, hence why he is also known as Cometan the Contemplator.


After receiving a series of intense receptions from age fifteen about the future and destiny of humanity to explore and discover the mysteries of The Cosmos, Cometan forged a new religion named Astronism that is now challenging the stereotypes of what it means to be religious, philosophical, spiritual, or otherwise. 


Since his very first revelation took place, Cometan's mind has expanded to unprecedented heights leading to several achievements as a prodigy and autodidact of theology and philosophy. The world's newest visionary, Cometan intends to further diversify the beliefs of Astronism and to promulgate them globally.


To allow for his deeply philosophical ideas to appeal to a wider audience, Cometan created a unique fictional universe called the Spacefaring World whose premise is set during humanity's impending and prophesied departations into space.

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The Lost Shrine of Irene Mary.jpg

The Lost Shrine of Irene Mary


Period depicted: Summer 2007

Artist: David Young

Published: 7th December 2021

This intriguing illustration is set during the Summer of 2007 in the grounds of Irene Mary and Derrick Taylor's home at 222 Longmeanygate in Leyland, Lancashire, a unique house which Derrick built himself during the early 1960s. You can see the house in the distant background. In the foreground of the illustration, one sees depicted an enclosed garden of overhanging trees, flowers, a cobbled pathway and trellises. Indeed, your eye immediately turns to the two figures in the scene, the first is the devout old lady kneeling in what appears to be a small red shed filled with Catholic religious devotional cards, statues and ornaments. The lady's prayers are interrupted by a young boy who, after running from the field behind, appears at the door. This boy is a nine-year old Cometan who has come to greet his grandmother Irene Mary Taylor.

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