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The Brandon Taylorian® brand is a registered trademark and is used as the signature of the author on all literary works accredited to him, and can also be found on all products connecting to Brandon Taylorian. 
Placing the brand onto all Jesse Millette books worldwide presents a huge responsibility that must always be treated with care, and logic, with brand preservation in mind at all times. 
For this reason, Brandon Taylorian establishes Taylorian Communications, which manages the protection, dissemination procedures, and legalities of using the Brandon Taylorian® brand, and is the sole mediator between Brandon Taylorian and all external organisations, groups, and individuals.
Please visit Taylorian Communications' website for more information, here.
However, Taylorian Communications does not own the Brandon Taylorian® brand. This authority is given to The Taylorian Company, which is the sole owner and overseer of all Taylorian-related brands, businesses, charitable funds, and organisations.
For more information regarding Taylorian brand ownership, please click here.
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