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10 Maple Drive

10 Maple Drive was one of the childhood homes of Cometan, owned by his mother, Louise Counsell.

10 Maple Drive

10 Maple Drive is a semi-detached house located in the small town of Bamber Bridge outside the city of Preston in Lancashire, England.

was the main residence of Cometan during his childhood, specifically from the age of three to fourteen. The house was bought by Cometan's mother, Louise Counsell, and his father, Sean Taylor. However, after their separation when Cometan was four years old, Sean left the household and later, Louise's new partner, Julian Counsell, would become half owner of the property.

During the time of Cometan's residence at 10 Maple Drive, he had not yet started his public life or his philosophership due to his young age. Cometan's residence at 10 Maple Drive was also entirely prior to The Year of The Gift and the beginning of his public as philosopher.

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