Ecstasy of The Grand Cosmos

The Ecstasy of The Grand Cosmos was an incumbential event that occurred during the public life of Cometan, specifically around the beginning of The Year of Consolidation, during July 2017. This event is classified as one of Cometan’s religious ecstasies, but is significantly less is known about the exact details of this religious ecstasy than others that Cometan experienced. Despite this, the Ecstasy of The Grand Cosmos is very widely depicted in Astronist art with a great variety of interpretations which mainly involve Cometan receiving blissful visions of the immensity of The Cosmos.

The significance of the Ecstasy of The Grand Cosmos comes in the notion that this event is attributed as the inception of the tradition of mysticism within Astronism. Notions such as the astronomical elixir, wonderism, cosmic alchemy and other aspects of Astrocism (Astronist mysticism) are all attributed to the Ecstasy of The Grand Cosmos. The title of The Grand Cosmos is itself widely attributed to have connections to Astronist mysticism which is why this incumbential has been so named.

In art, the location of Cometan is often not disclosed while artists have instead chosen to depict what Cometan’s visions of ecstasy may have consisted of, such as depicting Cometan amongst the planet, practicing mystical practices and rituals, or as sat contemplating under a starry night sky.


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