Ecstasy of the Stars

The Ecstasy of the Stars (often shortened to the Astronomical Ecstasy, or simply the Ecstasy) was a major incumbential event in the public life of Cometan during The Year of Enlightenment (2015-2016 CE or 54-55 PEC) that co-occurred with the Subsumption of Cometan. The first of Cometan’s religious ecstasies, the entire Ecstasy of the Stars occurred over many hours on the night of Sunday 22nd November 2015 shortly following the death of his grandmother a month before. It is classified as Cometan’s first astral ecstasy.

The ecstasy is thought to have occurred across road from Cometan’s house at 160 Cop Lane in Penwortham in Hurst Grange Park. Traditionally, the story is told that Cometan awoke at midnight just as 14th November began, that he felt an uncontrollable urge to lay his eyes upon the stars. He is thought to have rushed to his window, however, his window did not present a good enough view of the clear astral night sky.

As though controlled by a force beyond him, Cometan crept out of the house as his mother, stepfather and sister were sleeping and was drawn to enter the park across the road. In a dressing gown, Cometan walked down the long path to the park entrance and wandered into what he termed “Great Field”. There, upon kneeling down in the pitch black muddy field under a striking astral night sky, he is recorded as having experienced the Ecstasy of the Stars.

Cometan later reported that the ecstasy involved “grand visions of outer space” and it seemed as though “[he] could touch the planets as well as the comets that passed them by”. He also reported that he experienced “a vision of the spacefaring future of humanity”, after which he realised the importance of his founding of Astronism and his establishment of cosmontology to deal with the philosophical and religious implications of such a drastic impending alteration to human civilisation. Cometan retained a large amount of indrucies following this ecstasy as he returned home and stayed up for the rest of the night writing those indrucies down in what would become the Omnidoxy.

This event is one of the most widely depicted and venerated events in Astronist art. Various interpretations have been given to the event, some more simple or abstract in style while others deeply elaborate and religious in character and theme. The Ecstasy of the Stars has become emblematic of Astronist mysticism and astral religious experience as a whole


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