Meditation on The Cosmos

The Meditation on The Cosmos was an incumbential event that occurred during the public life of Cometan as part of The Year of Completion, sometime during August 2019 prior to Cometan’s trip to Spain. It is classified by the Astronist Institution under the general title of “religious experience” and so it not classified as an ecstasy or revelation, but may have consisted of indrucies.

The Meditation of The Cosmos consisted of Cometan meditating for six hours from midnight to six o’clock in the morning in the back garden of his home under a clear astral night sky. During this time, Cometan subsumed himself into The Cosmos from his terrestrial position on The Earth, but in his mind, he transcended to the astronomical world where he sat in a meditative state for hours. The event has been widely discussed in Astronist discourse and depicted in Astronist art as having been the commencement of the Astronist traditions of monasticism and meditation. All notions of meditation in Astronism, related concepts, terms and practices are all attributed to this incumbential event.


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