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Cometan in Astronism

Cometan in Astronism

In Astronism, Cometan is ascribed with the title of Founder and is believed to be the chosen person to receive the revelations and personal inspirations for The Founding of Astronism and the subsequent Establishment of the religion. These events are considered to only have correctly occurred by Cometan’s involvement as manifested by his sole authorship of the Omnidoxy and much of the development of the religion’s foundations.

In addition to being the founder of the religion, Cometan is also considered to be a prophet due to his clear ability to envision the future of humanity as a spacefaring civilisation as well as his unique worldview of cosmocentricity and the deeper connection he felt to The Cosmos than anybody preceding him. It is believed by some Astronists that the exploration of space would not have occurred or would have been considerably delayed without the works of Cometan.

Beyond his state of chosenness, Cometan does not play a role in the theology or eschatology of Astronism, however, his works and life story are considered to be invokable in order to inspire transcension and corporeal cosmosis, two states of mentality and consciousness that he is believed that have achieved through his authorship of the Omnidoxy.

Cometan is designated a variety of titles to denote his multifaceted role within the religion, one of which is the “Promulgator of the Cosmic Truth”, or simply the “Promulgator”. This is used to denote Cometan’s role as the disseminator of the Astronist message throughout the world.

Other titles ascribed to Cometan include “Philosopher of the stars”, the "Cosmic oracle”, and the “Prophet of The Cosmos”. Of important discussion within Astronism is Cometan’s ontology (whether he existed as one persona or two) as well as the nature of the achievement of cometanhood. These and other topics regarding Cometan directly are encompasses by the discipline of study known as cometanology, or cometanics.

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