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Derrick Taylor

Derrick Taylor

Derrick Taylor (born August 12, 1930 - November 26, 2011) was the paternal grandfather of Cometan. Although Derrick is provided with the religious mononym of Pacosmeran in the context of Astronism, he is not classified as a coportant figure.

Derrick Taylor was born in the village of Coppull in Lancashire, England and Irene was born in the village of Higher Walton which notably was the same village in which Cometan's maternal grandmother, Hilda Warbrick, was born. He married Irene Taylor in the 1950s.

Taylor family

Derrick and Irene had in total twelve children, two of which (Francis and Stephen) died either during childbirth or lived only a few days. Brandon Taylorian's father, Sean Taylor, was the youngest member of the family. After securing inheritance from Irene's mother, Derrick worked to build that which would become the Taylor family home for over half a century at 222 Longmeanygate in Leyland, Lancashire.

During a shock overnight reversal of behaviour, Irene suddenly became extremely religious after experiencing a rebirth of her adherence to Catholicism during her middle age, after which Brandon's father recalled her banning music from the house, cutting her daughter's hair boyishly short, and expecting the family to attend church regularly without protest. 

This religiosity grew stronger as the years passed with the Taylor family gaining an unfavourable name for themselves as being a strange, isolated, and overly religious family. The family was even documented in the Lancashire Evening Post in the mid-1970s as Irene had arranged an in-house church service in which her children participated. An image was taken during the article of the religious service taking place in the kitchen at 222, but it is yet to resurface. Sean Taylor would later recall the strange actions of his mother, including visiting his primary school and expecting him to pray in front of his classmates.

This religiosity that held a firm grip over all aspects of the children's lives began to weaken as the family grew to an even larger size after all the children married and had their own offspring. Irene's religiosity did not, however, weaken personally and would later be extended to her grandchildren in a much more watered-down version as Taylorian would later recall.

Taylorian would also recall his grandmother taking him and his brother-like cousin, Thomas "Tom" Taylor, to various religious institutions including Greygarth Hall, Stonyhurst College and the Convent of the Good Shepherd. This was done with the intention of encouraging her two grandchildren to join the priesthood. It was Irene's close relationship with these various Catholic organisations that would posthumously spark rumours of her being a member in the lay Catholic order known as Opus Dei in addition to her widely known membership in the Latin Mass Society.

Irene was noted as having built a shrine, or Mary garden in the fields 222 Longmeanygate beside which she and her grandchildren, including Brandon, would spend hours perfecting the garden and praying. It was later understood that Irene had hoped she would experience a vision of the Virgin Mary near this shrine although no reports of this having ever occurred have been corroborated.

Cometan's relationship with his parents

Taylorian was particularly close with his grandmother, Irene, from a very early age; the endearing and loving, yet possessive personality of his grandmother created a laid back demeanour in practically all aspects of life other than in the context of religion. Taylorian would later credit his interest in theology, religion, and philosophy to the many years he spent with his grandmother and cousins going to various churches and experiencing a lay religious life.

However, Taylorian's relationship with his grandmother in particular turned sour when Irene lost her influence over her grandson as he began high school, during which time Taylorian decided he no longer wished to spend his weekends at 222 Longmeanygate. After over ten years of his close bond with his grandmother, this devastated Irene as she understood that Taylorian was growing up and she would no longer be able to take care of him as she had done during his early childhood.

After this time, Taylorian saw very little of his paternal grandparents and was not frequently present during the years of his grandfather's deterioration which lead to Derek Taylor's death in November 2011. It is widely noted that Taylorian had not seen his grandfather a total of six months before his passing and a similar circumstance occurred during the time of his grandmother's death. Taylorian saw his grandmother for the last time two months before her passing during a visit to the hospital in which Irene had forgotten who Brandon was and had mistaken him for another of his cousins. Irene Taylor passed away at 222 Longmeanygate in October 2015, where she had demanded to be moved back to after being admitted into Royal Preston Hospital.

Neither his grandfather, nor his grandmother knew of Taylorian's ambitions to become a philosopher and theologian for although the Year of The Gift had occurred before his grandmother's death, Taylorian did not possess the same confidence in his visions and ambitions then as he did in the years to come.

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