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Huang Xiangdong (Chinese: 黄向东), mononymously known and referred to in Astronism as Heastward, is a citizen of the People's Republic of China, a friend of Cometan and a student of accounting and finance who is classified as a prominent figure of Astronism.

Heastward is especially important in East Asian Astronism and is often referred to as Dì yī gè zhuīsuí zhě meaning "the first follower". Heastward is credited as having worked with Cometan to translate various parts of the Omnidoxy as well as important names and terms of Astronism into Mandarin Chinese.

Heastward is particularly credited with having created the terms Tiānwénjiào, Quánjīng, and Kāng Míng Én according to the Three Word model of Astronism. These words have become intrinsic to the identity of the religion in the Sinosphere and contributed to Heastward's recognition as an Astronist figure of prominence.

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