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Preternaturalism of Cometan

Preternaturalism of Cometan

Cometan's preternaturality or the miracles of Cometan has been a topic of great debate within Astronism since the biography of Cometan began to circulate and his proclamations of indrucy and surography emerged. These two phrases refer to a collection of beliefs involving Cometan as holding or demonstrating abilities that are verified as being preternatural.

Cometan has been verified as demonstrating two preternatural abilities by the Astronist Institution, the first of which is the series of indrucies that he experienced during his adolescent years throughout The Founding of Astronism era.

The second of Cometan's verified miracles or preternatural abilities is his surographical ability which is the ability to write extensively on a subject in circumstances of difficulty, such as being young, or having little knowledge on the subject, or writing an extensive piece in a short amount of time.

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