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Primogenitor is the name that was given by Cometan to the laptop device that he used to write the Omnidoxy. The laptop is a MacBook Air 13-inch, Mid 2013 mode with a 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 processor that ran a series of software throughout its usage.

Cometan's grandmother, Hilda Warbrick, had helped her grandson to purchase the laptop sometime during the summer of 2014 for his impending college studies alongside a desktop computer he had already owned for one year called the Cogenitor.

Neither of them knew at the moment of purchase that the Omnidoxy, the world's longest religious book, would be written using that laptop. Throughout the majority of The Founding of Astronism era, Cometan could be seen writing incessantly on this laptop and he took it with him almost everywhere he went.

Primogenitor was replaced by the Neogenitor sometime in late 2019 by Cometan and the laptop is currently in the possession and under ownership of the Astronist Institution and will possibly be put on display as part of exhibitions an invaluable device to the founding of Astronism. However, no announcements have been made regarding the possibility of an exhibition.

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