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Sexuality of Cometan

Sexuality of Cometan

The sexuality of Cometan has been a point of discussion for Astronists and non-Astronists alike since the public life of Cometan began in his adolescent years. The topic of the sexuality of Cometan explores not only Cometan's romantic relationships, but also points to questions regarding his sexual orientation. Another important aspect of this discourse is the celibacy of Cometan.

Cometan is known to have had one relationship with Cosma, an Armenian girl born Liana Tiratsuyan, whom he wrote of in the Omnidoxy. However, this relationship is recorded to have ended in the waning months of The Founding of Astronism era. Other sources at that time list Cometan's sexual orientation as heterosexual.

Gender identity of Cometan

Sexual orientation of Cometan

Celibacy of Cometan

It has been reported by some sources that Cometan committed to a vow of celibacy directly following the end of his relationship with Cosma. The legitimacy of these reports have not as of yet been confirmed by Cometan himself.

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