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Stargazing at the Tower

Stargazing at the Tower

Stargazing at the Tower was the most famous event that was run by Cometan during his time in employment at Hoghton Tower and it was later regarded by Cometan himself as being his most cherished achievement.

Cometan organised the event from start to finish and began preparations by visiting Professor Donald Kurtz and Dr Mark Norris at the University of Central Lancashire during which time Cometan was himself pursuing a bachelors degree in Business and Marketing.

Stargazing at the Tower was emblematic of Cometan's future religious leadership thematised on astronomy and cosmocentric worldview which would come to define Astronism.

The event took place on Sunday 11th November and was attended by over 100 people who had pre-booked their tickets. It would cause Cometan to experience multiple indrucies as he received my ideas regarding how future Astronist events could take place. Stargazing at the Tower was the first astronomy-based event to take place at Hoghton Tower in all its long history.

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